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Captain Nemo's Delicious Steak Submarines Captain Nemo's Delicious Steak Submarines - Menu Captain Nemo's Delicious Steak Submarines - Menu
Our Delicious Submarine Sandwich Choices
Unless otherwise specified, all sandwiches include:
Crispy Garden Lettuce, Red Ripe Tomatoes, Sweet Onions, Special Seasoning, Vinegar and Oil,
all built on our own special Italian roll made fresh in our bakery.

All of our sandwiches are MADE TO ORDER!
SIZZLING STEAK Tender sliced RibEye Steak, grilled to perfection. Our Signature sandwich! 5.09 9.39
TRADITIONAL COLD CUT Cotto and Genoa Salami, Choice Ham and Provolone Cheese. 5.09 9.39
CHICKEN Tender Grilled Chicken Breast. 5.09 9.39
CORNED BEEF Made from the leanest thin sliced Corned Beef, delightfully steam grilled. 5.09 9.39
HEAPS OF HAM The finest Smoked Ham, thinly sliced, steam grilled or served cold. 5.09 9.39
TURKEY Lean Breast of Turkey, steam grilled or cold. 5.09 9.39
THE VEGGIE Grilled onions, mushrooms and green peppers topped with provolone cheese. 5.09 9.39
THE "SNACK" SIZE Triple RibEye Steak, triple provolone cheese, triple grilled onions. 10.59
TOPPINGS Single Double
Provolone Cheese .70 1.10
Grilled Mushrooms .60 .95
Grilled Onions .60 .95
Grilled Green Peppers .60 .95
Bacon Bits .60 .95
Sliced Jalapenos .60 .95
Our soup and chili are made in the Nemo's kitchen from our family recipes!
SOUP AND CHILI Cup (8 oz.) Bowl (12 oz.) Frozen (16 oz.)
Navy Bean and Ham Soup 1.29 1.79  
Chili 2.39 2.99 3.59

It's Chili season!
Enjoy our hearty home-made chili. Captain Nemo's - The Captain's Chili

Captain Nemo's Delicious Steak Submarines - Loaf Bread
Captain Nemo's Delicious Steak Submarines

The Captain has made it easier and faster to get your call in order.
Just phone your order to 972-438-7777 and pick it up at the Call In register.
There's no line!
You will be in and out in five minutes.
January 2015

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Captain Nemo's Steak Submarine Sandwiches
1426 North Irving Heights Drive at Grauwyler • Irving, Texas 75061
Phone: 972.438.7777